Sunday, 22 August 2010

The sensuality of stainless steel at Thornbridge

My first visit to Thornbridge’s new brewery came in the middle of a downpour but once safe inside its cavernous depths I was struck by the shock and awe of the gleaming stainless steel from which such beautiful beers as Jaipur and St Petersburg emerge — so I’m just letting the pictures talk for themselves for once.


  1. Blimey - it looks like petrochemical plant, especially that last photo; and I thought Thornbridge were a small micro. Some meteoric rise they've been through - I hope not too quickly.

  2. @MusicRab - the old 10bbl plant at Thornbridge Hall is still going, I hear & the new plant, while obviously pretty hi-tech(*), is still only 30bbl brewlength (8640pints) which is still very much a microbrewery by most brewers' standards.

    * New bottling line, cylindro-conical fermenters, lab, etc & most interestingly, a centrifuge, so that the bottle-conditioned beers are produced unfiltered - currently most of the larger producers of UK bottle-conditioned beer are using sterile-filtration to aid shelf-life & then adding some yeast back to the beer before bottling (I'd guess that almost all CAMRA CBBoB winners & supermarket-stocked BCAs are made this way). Thornbridge's method while hi-tech, should leave more flavour intact.

  3. Ooh, meant to say - great pics Adrian! I think the associated terms are brewer's erotica & stainless envy.

  4. Wow. Brew-Porn 101. Wonderful kit - i bet Kelly, Stefano et al are like kids in a sweetshop! Brewotica? how about that?

  5. Nice setup they have there. On the brewotica front they really are a lovely pair of vessels!

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  7. All this brewotica is all very tasteful coffee-table stuff, but speaking as a non-techie it is all so impressive and the beer is magnificent as well, Kelly gave me a bottle of Murmansk, christ it was magnificent, a Peak District Baltic Porter — as for petro chemicals I do remember going to a factory in Ellesmere Port on a school trip once, didn’t inspire me then (and you could smell the fumes on top of Moel Siabod (40 miles away in Snowdonia) when the wind was blowing in the right direction…

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