Wednesday, 7 September 2011

San Devizes

I don’t really do news on this blog and I certainly don’t do exclusives, so apologies if you the reader (all three of you) have already seen this one: Mitch Steele from Stone has flown into the UK to brew a beer at Wadworth’s for the forthcoming Wetherspoon beer festival. Are these things collaborations or is it more of a case of an American brewer trying his hand at a cask beer at a traditional Brit brewery? Whatever the answer I like the idea of a hybrid love child of Arrogant Bastard meets Old Henry (or whatever emerges from San Devizes, as it is now to be called) and look forward to trying it in the autumn. You’ve got to hand it to Spoons, they do come up with the goods. 


  1. Mitch did the excellent Stone IPA at Shepherd Neame for the first of the big 'Spoons fests - '07? They aren't collabs as such, as I understand it.

  2. Sid, you’re right, this is what Brian at Waddies told me:
    A 4.5% IPA with lots of hops brewed using Pale Ale malt, Premium English Caramalt, Munich Malt and Pale Caramalt.
    Hops include Target, Centennial, Columbus, Delta, Calypso and Amarillo. BU of the beer is 75.

  3. Looking forward to it already! That explains why he's at BBf today then!