Friday, 28 October 2011

The Three Tuns in Bristol

Three Tuns Bristol. Good little pub this, belongs to Arbor Ales, good brewery, coming up with some excellent beers, one of which I had last week in the Red Lion in Cricklade, good pub that as well, frontage festooned with hanging baskets, that’s what you get for being in a town that wins Britain in Bloom. Back to Bristol though, great city for drinking at the moment, good breweries in the shape of Arbor, BBF and Bath Ales (confusing that they are called Bath but based in Bristol, think there might be a case for pedants to raise merry hell). Back to the Three Tuns though, you can read what I think about it in Saturday’s DT or just go straight to the link here. Cheers. 


  1. Bath Ales are actually based in Warmley which is in South Gloucestershire, so neither Bath nor Bristol!


  2. ATJ -- think Bath Ales biggest presence is definitely in Bristol, though. Certainly seems hard to find their beer in Bath at all.

    Bristol is a great place for beer and surely only set to get better as the 'craft beer revolution' (blech) really takes hold.

  3. Have to concur, the 3 Tuns is a fabulous pub, possibly the crown jewel in Bristol's city centre, my other faves are Buttcombe's 'Colston Yard' and Bath Ales' 'Graze Bar and Chophouse'.

    Indeed a golden age for Bristol/Bath/West Country in general beer-wise, BBF, Arbor, Bath, Buttcombe and Dawkins are all first rate.

  4. Bailey — definitely is a great place
    Ian I like the Seven Stars as well, spit and sawdust and rock and roll.

  5. The Three Tuns is a great little pub!

    As for us, we are indeed based between Bath & Bristol and cater for both cities and beyond. We actually have two pubs in Bath - the Hop Pole and the Salamander - as well as The Swan down the road in Swineford, (see, and in terms of pubs that have us on draught we are very well represented in both Bath and Bristol :-)