Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Belonging #earlydoors

The Craft Crow, Nottingham 

The deep sonorous tones of the church bells speak like an authoritative headmaster from the age of pain, announcing the onset of 11 o’clock in the morning, a regular, furrowed brow airburst of sound, eleven times the angel Michael with sword in hand, announcing that somewhere in this town a pub is opening for early doors. Which is how I find myself in the Crafty Crow in Nottingham, Magpie Brewery’s tap, a shining city on a hill glass of their bracing Best in front of me, figurative in the shapes the barley and the English hops make on my palate, the kind of beer that shapes the day ahead of me. 

A pint of Best, the world tilts on its axis


  1. Hi Adrian, Thanks for this wonderful blog. I think this is one of the best pubs in Nottingham. Australia is also famous for the signature burgers, famous pub classics and delicious sizzles.

    Eltham Bottle Shop

  2. Never mind the Fancy Dan writing Ade. Just dig these "signature burgers, famous pub classics and delicious sizzles."

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