Sunday, 22 February 2009

Coke shandy

In the Bridge yesterday afternoon, a chap at the bar orders a half of Coke and a half of Carlsberg. ‘You’ve been living in Germany,’ I say, ‘possibly Duisberg?’ To my great delight, as it furthers my beer ego immensely at the bar, he nods yes. ‘best place for it,’ I then say, meaning the Carlsberg in his glass; this is not really good beer etiquette, people drink what they want to drink. ‘It does ok for me,’ he grunts and then goes to sit down. I think he won that encounter. The last thing I want to appear as is as a fully paid up member of the beer police.


  1. As long as it's Carlsberg, it's all right with me.

  2. Some macro-lagers do benefit. I prefer Clamato in my Labatt 50, for example, if I am forced to have a Labatt 50.