Friday, 13 February 2009

Coming back from the dead

The pub is excellent for most things, but I’ve never had my death announced in it before.
My mother in law sadly died after Christmas and in the past few weeks my wife has been getting flowers from her mum’s old friends who didn’t make it to the funeral. She had some flowers on Monday but the person who delivered them told someone in Dulverton that they were for Mrs T-J whose husband had just died. Someone (thanks Sarah) rushed to my local and asked various folk if they had heard I had died. Don’t be stupid was the general riposte, he was in here over the weekend. No, she insisted, I’ve heard he‘s dead. At the same time I was blithely watching the news unaware I had shuffled off the mortal coil. It’s a bit weird but one has to see the surreal side of things. I did wonder about going into the pub with a white sheet over me but people would have then thought I was showing off. Anyway, if there’s a beer called Resurrection (and I am sure there is), mine’s a pint.


  1. Its an Abbey Style from Galbraith's in Auckland NZ. There are probability others.

  2. Dammit, I'm going to have to cancel the party now!