Monday, 9 February 2009

A day without ale

Monday is the designated day without ale (or cider for that matter) — it’s the day for austerity, whatever is left in the fridge from the weekend is heated up; there is soup and tortilla for tea, an early night is planned. Tuesday might also be dry. It’s good to have a break as I believe that my palate gets a bit overwhelmed. Then when I return to a beer it tastes all the better for it. Years ago I used to do three months at the start of the year, but in those days I wasn’t really bother what I drank and all manner of foul potations would pass my lips for the rest of the year. Cocktails would even be considered. Harvey Wallbangers, Manhattans and all manner of sweetish muck; I even had a session on gin once which brought me down for days.

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