Friday, 26 February 2010

The Brunswick Inn, Derby

The Brunswick Inn is one of my favourite pubs and you can see what I think of it in tomorrow’s DT or here; BTW did you know that the city has a Beer King who also performs poetry readings, he even wears a crown and cloak sometimes, making him look like one of those wrestlers from World of Sport when I was a kid — pubs offer everything don’t they? Beer, conviviality, warmth, food, poetry, the chance to raise money for charities, comfort in which to plunge into the pages of a favourite book, I could go on but I think I’ll go down the pub instead.


  1. We thought it was a great pub when we visited last year although I'm not sure warm is a word that springs to mind...

  2. Bailey
    well they had a nice coal fire on and I had just come in from the cold, but the coldest pub I have ever been in was the Zebra in Cambridge during a heavy fall of snow in the 1980s, any closer to the fire and I would have resembled Joan of Arc.