Sunday, 14 March 2010

Lager of the week — Kloster Scheyern Gold Hell

Not come across this before, but thought I would give it a whirl. It’s dark gold, topped with a meriangue white foam; there’s an alcoholic bitter lemon on the nose, lingering in the background a gentle aroma that makes me think the toasting machine on 1 for a bit of brioche, summoning up thoughts of breakfast. If this be toast then a doppelbock will be coffee. The bitter lemon character on the palate is more to the fore than on the nose, it’s easy to drink despite the strength (5.4%), deceptive, a deceiver; grainy, dusty, straw-like finish, dry and slightly boozy. No world-beater, but not a wife-beater either. I wonder what this would be like fresh from the tap? As I said I’ve not come across this lot before; if they are Aldi or Lidl staples then so what? It’s perfectly pleasant but it doesn’t have the wow that I find in beers that come from LöwenBräu Buttenheim for instance. 


  1. I think you got more out of it than I did. I might have to get another few bottles to be sure (it's not an Aldi/Lidl job here, but I can get it readily in the local beer markt).

    I think I've only tried the Pilsner from LöwenBräu Buttenheim, and thought it was nice, with a more lemon-lime character than I got from the Kloster Scheyern.

  2. Barry
    I saw it on Beers of Europe and with the Kloster prefix I thought it worth a try, the doppelbock wasn’t bad. I recall having Lowen’s fest fresh and sprightly from a keg at GBBF in 2007 or 8 and nearly crying with joy at it. Last week, I was able to have another favourite, Schonram Pils at the Meantime tap. Gorgeous.