Thursday, 29 October 2009

The evidence that beer is good for you often comes from the unlikeliest sources

Here we go, beer is good for you: ‘Beer, on the other hand, is a useful laxative for those prone to constipation. It increases the amount of fluid reaching the bowl, while its sugar content prevents water from being absorbed into the colon. Guinness (or stout) has a reputation for promoting milk production in nursing mothers and, until 30 years ago, was routinely prescribed for hospital patients convalescing from an operation.’ This is taken from the health page in a magazine called The Lady, which seems to be like a posh Saga mag (I found it in the loo). No alcohol panic or fear here, not even anything on drinking within your limits and it is even written by a doctor, James Le Fanu. Does Alcohol Concern or the Daily Mail know about this?


  1. Anything to get them off the gin.

    Plus ça change, wha'?

  2. Should that be "reaching the bowel"?
    In this case, both "bowl" and "bowel" make sense.

  3. Ben — I saw that typo just after posting but thought it quite a poetic one so left it, well done for noticing.