Tuesday 17 March 2009

Cat skills

Doing some work on Cask Ale Week and rung up a pub in Norfolk today. ‘Are you doing something for cask ale week,’ I ask the landlady, who tells me she has her baby on her lap (it’s not opening time yet just in case anyone was worried about babies on the booze). ‘No we’re not,’ she says a bit bemused, ‘well it says on the website you are,’ I reply and check with her that the pub comes under the Enterprise umbrella as it says on the website. She confirms and asks if I can I call back in an hour and talk with her husband. I say ok. ‘Just say tell him it’s about cask ale week,’ I fire as a parting shot. She exclaims, laughs and sounds much warmer and friendlier. ‘Oh I thought you said Cat Skills Week.’ I nearly asked if the pub had a Cat Marque accreditation but thought better of it.

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