Sunday 18 October 2009

Gooner murder an ale

I love this: yesterday in the DT, Andrei Arshavin is quoted as saying: ‘I Heard about ales. Ales! A special drink like beer but without gas!’ As an Arsenal fan, I love the fact that the dressing room conversation might be a bit like the chit-chat before a judging for the IBC Awards or similar. Rossicky to Walcott, ‘ Bohemian Pilsners are the best’, Walcott: ‘have you tried London Pride?’ Van Persie: ‘Personally I prefer a Christoffel Blonde’. The ghost of Tony Adams: ‘ anyone fancy an Evian?’


  1. Ah, bless. I wonder what he'll make of it when he tries it?

  2. Given his comments on women drivers and the British tax system we hear soon enough, but on the other hand how many footballers have tried an ale, as opposed to rugby players. It’s funny how that drink divide has sort of grown between the two sports.

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