Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Euston Tap

Where’s the Tap keened we three? Lost at the front of Euston and looking for a way across the bus line, as keenly defended as the goal in front of Petr Cech (until last Sunday — heh heh), then we found it. A blockhouse in front of which stretched a banner for Bernard provided the answer — and on our way we were. Spatially the Euston Tap is the Rake twice two, expanded into the air. Two floors of keenly fought over London space where craft beer (yes craft beer) can be consumed and enjoyed, whatever the consequences of the medievally inspired how-many-angels-can-you-get-on-pinheads debate over dispensation that has roused such passions recently. A specially made metal (copper?) underback, bristling with taps the like of which I last saw in the US, looms over the bar; resorting to cliché I believe it’s great theatre. Several businessmen and an indie fan and his girl walk in and scrutinise the taps — and then order: a Wild Swan for her and a Saranac Black Forest for him. The ceiling is high, while a massive spiral staircase takes the drinker away from the compact bar to the second floor; it’s a magnificent concept, in an unlikely but welcome position offering great beers — I had a Bernard unfiltered, which was then followed by a Mahrs’ Pilsner (bitter lemon without the sweetness of the soft drink), while the Matuska IPA called out its siren song, but I had to leave for a train. It was a rush to get there after a Budvar event at the Draft House at London Bridge (great place, great beer, need to get there again soon), but I was glad I made the effort. London has just gained another stellar place in which you can drink great beer.  


  1. I was in the Euston Tap myself yesterday - fell in love with the place in about 10 mins. Think the draught Brewdog Paradox probably helped a lot.

  2. Given I had to get back to Somerset I was tempted by it but was sensible, Paradox is a real favourite of mine.

  3. It's quite lovely on draught. Just like the bottled versions but... more so :)

    I was tempted by the Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA myself, but opted for the Paradox instead. Damn those bloody 'train' things and their pesky timetables.

  4. Tell me about it. I'm getting a serious jones for this place, everyone visiting it has come away enthused. Your endorsement just adds to the hankering!!

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