Friday 21 January 2011

I’m not having what the rabbit is having

As seen on the wall at the back of the bar in ’t Poatersgat, a conspiratorial, subterranean, twilit sort of place where Boon’s Marriage Parfait (2006 vintage) was perhaps the best beer I have had so far this year (the Taras Boulba was pretty good as well — fresh and fragrant, bottles in the UK seem to be rather tired); I should have bought a bottle for the rabbit and saved his life, but then on the other hand he went well with prunes and a Bruges Zot sauce. 


  1. t'Poatersgat is an excellent bar which has the added virtue of very late closing. Ditto the similar in many ways, Comptoire des Arts (ex t'Zolder) across the road.
    Linking your previous blog, they are both ridiculously smokey. I spent some time in Brussels and Antwerp before Xmas and the worrying thing was by the time I returned to the U.K. I'd got used to the smoke in bars.

  2. C des Arts was sadly closed for several days — it came highly recommended.