Sunday 5 August 2012

Post-alt alt

Some beers sent to me came from Fordham of whom I don’t know that much. They’re not rock’n’rollers, sommeliers types, explorers whatever, they just brew beer. Some of these beers aren’t that bad. Take Tavern Ale. Let’s start at the end: cracker dry, rye dry and bitter in the finish, but beforehand there’s a soft palate, some crunchy grain and citrus notes that all remind me of an alt. The stern backbone features dark malts; I’m thinking rye chocolate toffee, then orange flavoured toffee. It has a Schwarzenegger of a body — a beer with bar bells. And there’s a fragrant featheriness on the palate — lavender butter on a crispbread perhaps? I read it’s designated as a pale ale but part of me wonders if it’s more of a post-alt alt…

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