Sunday 23 August 2009

Old Freddy

Not that much of a cricket fan (but my lad is bat and ball mad), but there still has to be a beer for such an occasion: step forward Old Freddy Walker, which I happened to be contemplating when England finally took the shine off the Aussie sunshine. Have been drinking this for years (remember having a poly-pin in our old place in Chedzoy one Xmas that lasted a mere three nights), but tasting a bottle now, it knocks me over with its smooth chocolately, cocoa powder, creamy character — and with the feeling on Exmoor that autumn is coming this is the best tonic to greet those longer nights. I’m a fan of their JJJ as well, tasting notes of which can be found here — if you so wish.


  1. Not much of a cricket fan either, but it's hard not to want to find something to celebrate with.....luckily, I think I'll find something.

  2. Old Freddy walker is incredible. I don't think I've ever seen a Moor beer on sale in Bridgwater, despite the proximity. Shame.

  3. Bailey
    You’re right, I always used to get it at the Ring O’Bells at Ashcott, and the Halfway at Pitney, but we are talking a few years ago now. Old Freddy was always good but this version is absolutely fantastic. I would imagine that we might we might be seeing this in wood soon.