Wednesday 25 November 2009

A brief tasting note

Fuller’s ESB: hop sack meets fruit cake meets grain sack. The rest is silence.


  1. And so it should be. I had it today and the highest praise I could give it, is, compared to the rest of the Fuller's stable, best of a bad lot.

    Except for the Porter though, which is good but too rare.

    All too bloody sweet.

  2. Surely not.
    London Porter, lovely and lush, preferred by myself on keg as opposed to cask, the underrated Chiswick, the magnificent Vintage — 2005 is drinking particularly well — the lustrous Golden Pride and not forgetting 1845.

  3. I'm definitely a Fuller's fan. The only beers of their's I don't like are the abysmal Discovery and the pointless Jack Frost. ESB is a real treat for me -- not a session beer, but good for two or three pints without making me feel dog rough.