Monday 5 October 2015

Give me gose any day

A gose in its natural habitat Leipzig
yeah about this whole gose vs mild thing, has anyone who complains about breweries not making mild and having a go at ‘weird’ gose ever drank the stuff in Leipzig, it’s an easy going beer, with a saline quality that adds rather than detracts from the beer, but then I don’t understand why those that have a go at making gose need to change it, add this or that and the other to it, to slap it in a barrel, when it’s a perfectly good beer without half the fridge in the mix and a trip to Travis Perkins the day before, and on the other hand those that turn their nose up at the idea of gose perhaps have that fear of newness, that fear of the other, of a beer that doesn’t sound like the beer they consider to be beer, while the breweries perhaps have a fear of running out of novelties, a pathological rawness that keeps refusing to heal as rabid beer fans jingle and jangle in the search for more newness and reasons to be cheerful and pretend that fear is something lesser beings feel, and then back to mild there is a reason why beer styles die out, they’re not very nice, I hated mild when I started drinking, though my paternal grandfather probably drank it as he was a pub man and left Wales for Brum in the 1930s, wet and wishy-washy, thin and sweet, I don’t mind strong milds but as for the 3%ers, give me gose any day


  1. "has anyone who complains about breweries not making mild and having a go at ‘weird’ gose ever drank the stuff in Leipzig"

    Yep - me. I spent the best part of a decade tracking down Gose. It was a real obsession.But a Manchester-brewed one justy seems weird.

  2. No problem with gose...just people who can't brew them properly and release them at inflated prices when all they did was kettle sour

  3. Is that why Gose died out, then, because it wasn’t very nice?

  4. don’t know, vanished in WW2 when brewing stopped and I suppose central brewing committee of the DDR only wanted lager and schwarze, it’s back now though, I wonder if it wasn’t for the efforts of CAMRA would mild be still about? Why did Burton die? In the words of Patti Smith it died for us.