Wednesday 9 September 2009


Just had one of the worst beers I have ever had: BrewDog’s Dogma (named after the crap film perhaps). But it’s not as easy as that. To confound matters it was followed by their Hardcore IPA, which is a wonderful interpretation of a DIPA and the hop bombs keep carpet-bombing my palate as if directed by Bomber Harris, but am thoroughly shocked by Dogma; it’s horrible. It’s like a piercing whistle of a beer with its high shrill notes of powdery guarana (I should know as I take the stuff when I Iay off the coffee) making it utterly unpalatable (in music terms Lydia Lunch springs to mind, no-noise New York rubbish from the late 1970s or free form jazz even). There is honey in it as well apparently, but if bees are vanishing I am not surprised if they are starting to produce this sort of honey. I suspect it’s a gag, a situationist, MacLarenist sort of jape that takes us all for mugs. However, I bought this at Sainsbury’s, and it is one of their beers that has got through to the supermarket’s beer finals. It can’t have been this severe to get through — or who on earth were the judges? On the other hand, maybe it’s a wry comment from BrewDog that whatever they produce it will be lionised. Clever and cynical — art school rock lives.


  1. The last bottle of Hardcore I had was pretty rougth. I could'nt finish it. Totally lacking any concept of ballance, not all that aromatic but searingly bitter. I remember the Hardcore scene of the 90's (at least the Wellington New Zealand Hardcore scene) and it was way more classy than the beer.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed the Hardcore and have just at this minute asked the wife if she would pick me up some more from Sainsbury’s.

  3. Picked up a few each of the 3 last week. Found the Hardcore nice if a bit one-note, the Dogma was certainly odd - sort of weirdly sweetly spicy but was just about palatable - glad I tried it though; unlike the Chaos Theory which was frankly rank, starts ok but the flavour on the finish was bizzarely medical and bloody disgusting. Some experiments don't bear repeating so I gave my last bottle away. Doesn't happen often I can tell you! Enjoying the blog btw!