Saturday, 5 September 2009

Keith Waterhouse’s units…

The late Keith Waterhouse was asked how far is was from London to Edinburgh and he replied two bottles of chardonnay. That got me thinking about my own journey times — Taunton to Paddington: three bottles of Broadside; Truro to Taunton: four pints of Spingo. Anyone else ever swap miles for bottles?

Waterhouse, a noted bon viveur, also reached the grand old age of 80, don’t tell the alcohol units police…
For US and younger readers Waterhouse was a noted journalist of the old school, a prolific wordsmith (a nicer word for hack) and all round boozer; journalism sometimes needs people like that though not all of them manage to hold it together like he did.


  1. Alkmaar to Amsterdam Centraal: one bottle of Guinness Special Export.

  2. Swansea to Newport - 4 pints of Brains Dark last Sunday

  3. Sydney to London - 52 cans of very ordinary lager...if you're David Boon

  4. A couple of mouthfuls whilst I lock the door, a few more between turning off the glass washer and going to the kitchen to steal some cheese and biscuits, a sip before I turn off the cellar gas and the last half pint in bed catching the headlines on News 24.

    A pint in about 100 metres, perhaps. I haven't decided what it'll be yet though. Night all.

  5. Woolpack Dave I hope you remember to clean your teeth.

  6. I had a dry beer journey recently. Southampton to Tredrizick, via Dorchester and Blandford. Not a drop, but plenty of beery thoughts evoked by the place names alone.

    I made notes for an upcoming essay on dry beer journeys as I drank Sharps Cornish Coaster at the Port Gaverne hotel. When I'm going to find time to write it, I've no idea.