Friday 24 September 2010

Sheffield is the best beer town around

Let the debates begin: Sheffield is the best beer town around. See my latest piece in online magazine Sabotage Times on why here (BTW I also recommend reading Rohan Ricketts’ footballer dispatches here, they’re a far cry from WAGs etc). 


  1. Huddersfield sounds interesting judging by the first comment.

  2. there is only one beer town and its not burton, its the village of long itchington in warwickshire. 1500 people, six pubs, 3 GBG listed.

  3. I was given a guide book to the European beer scene - "Eurhop" - when I was in Italy. It's not available in English yet, but it's 'holy trinity' of northern beer towns was Sheffield, Manchester and Huddersfield.

  4. No debate necessary. Sheffield is Beer City. Riven with brewers. Plenty of eclectic pubs and bars. There's a vibe; it's not just tickers or students or geeks enjoying the beer. It's everyone. Drinking good beer in good places isn't unusual in Sheffield; it's the norm.

  5. One of our best micro brewers (Ralph Bungarde of Three Boys Brewing Co) fell in love with beer while teaching at the University of Sheffield.

  6. Stu
    Never been there, though I am old enough to remember them in the old first division
    surprised the local CAMRA branch allowed the town to have so many GBG listings in one town, given the grumbling I hear about quotas this way
    Why not add Leeds and you go from the holy trinity into Dan Brown territory
    I used the phrase town in a very loose, demotic way, in the same way Sinatra would sing about some city as being his kind of town
    I rest my case.