Friday, 22 April 2011

Glass of new wave Brit craft lager please

The sun is out (well it will be soon out here in cloudy Exmoor) and I fancy a Helles, or do I have a Pilsner? Or a cool Dunkel? Or even an Imperial (or imperious…) Pilsner — definition of which could be: Special Brew that you can show your girlfriend without her thinking that lounging in wet trousers on a park bench is your ultimate aim in life. My guide to 10 Brit craft lagers on the ever-excellent Sabotage Times website can be found here


  1. Glad to see Meantime on the list - but not even the tiniest mention of their excellent London Lager?

    Not even a teeny weeny mentionette?


  2. Hearty
    No maliciousness intended, London Lager is excellent but in the interest of fairness I wanted to include beers from ten separate breweries (to be honest the list could have been dominated by Meantime), could have done more (have already been pulled up about not putting in Monsieur Rock) but I think it’s a fair spread. Didn’t include Calvors or Croglin’s splendid bock for instance — but I want to get a debate going about craft lager in this country, especially on a website which will attract more general beer people rather than us obsessiives ;-), no Schehallion either, it’s a great beer but I find the whole idea of cask conditioned lager a bit of a joke — good beer but how would cask beer fans feel if someone went out there and said here’s a filtered, keg served bitter? I think we already know the answer…

  3. Not sure why you would put M.Rock in Adrian. It's not new wave and Sharp's and Orval are far too big to fit most people's understanding of craft breweries. Whether it's any good or not is incidental.

  4. Hawkshead's superb Lakeland Lager shoud surely have merited a mention.