Tuesday 10 September 2013


I find this one of the most tackiest tap tops that I’ve ever seen. Can’t remember the name of the brewery, but this was at the expo in Rimini after we’d judging at Birra del’anno earlier in the year. Without wanting to sound too righteous, I mentioned it to the guys at the brewery, but they just smiled and sort of shrugged — looking at their other taps, Jesus in a kilt, big words such as BAD in view, I can only assume that they were taking BrewDog as their influence. They got that one wrong. BrewDog can be accused of many things, but misogyny is not one of them.

So what do I dislike about it? It’s tacky, tries hard for 50s-style Betty Page sub-porn but comes across as just a bunch of young lads sniggering after they’ve written cunt and piss on the wall. I also don’t like the way it suggests that this cartoon woman is enjoying being skewed on a pole. God knows there’s enough negative images of women being used to sell beer, but this takes the whole of the biscuit barrel and chucks in some fig rolls as well — Top Totty seems like a Spare Rib cover compared to this.


  1. bad attitude (Birrificio Ticinese) by the looks of it.

  2. Grim.

    BrewDog can be accused of many things, but misogyny is not one of them.
    I'm not so sure about that.

  3. Shouldn’t have mentioned BrewDog should I. That’ll teach me.

  4. I agree Adrian. Nay sayers will say 'lighten up', but it's not about being a self flagellating, hair-shirted, holier-than-thou-beer bore (I mean in general terms, not you!!), it's about respect. Respect for beer, respect for your drinkers and respect for the staff. Not big and not clever.

  5. Its not jesus in a kilt. Its The Dude from The Big Lebowski.

  6. Thanks David
    Dave, haven’t seen the film for years, must check it out again, anyway in the words of Father Ted, it’s an ecumenical matter…

  7. Dear Adrian,
    we would like to say something about you article.First of all, we do not take inspiration from BrewDog and this is safe, what about their bottles with the squirrel?! This is ok because they are brewdog?
    It certainly was not our intention to offend anyone with the tap handle, the other does not depict Jesus but the Dude from the Big Lebowski movie. The offending taphandle is no longer used by our company.
    Bad Attitude is just the logo and name of our beers, we take inspiration from American writers, music and American culture for the graphics of our beers but we are not Bad persons at all.
    We work hard to produce our beers and keep our families and we do not intent to offend people for any reasons.

    Bad Atittude Craft Beer
    Nicola Beltraminelli

  8. Hi Nicola
    thanks for stopping by, fair comment, I just didn’t like the tap handle and thought there are better ways to depict beer
    BTW I’m not a believer in any kind of religious mumbo-jumbo so wasn’t offended by what I mistakenly thought was Jesus in a kilt, it was just a comment, and haven’t seen the BL for years, Makes me want to re-watch it.

  9. Have You the right to use the Dude name for Your beer?
    I've loved the movie and I hope You'll respect it.

  10. I agree with you.
    More importantly,the use of such a mysogynistic tap top shows a shocking ignorance of the current(not exclusively male) market for beer in general.
    Ive sent back beers with much tamer pump clips than that.

    Also agree with Karen BTW.

  11. Nicola on Your site I saw a beer called Kurt.
    Is this dedicated to Kurt Cobain?
    If so have You the right from the family?
    To me all Your marketing plan seems that is based on using other people/characters mood.
    You say that you're inspired to American writers and musicians...
    Are You serious?

  12. Hi Karen
    I think a brewery can use any name they like for their beer — this post was about a specific tap. which I am told has been withdrawn and shouldn’t have been there. If I was a brewery I would have no problem in calling a beer Dead Elvis or Wings were Rubbish… ;-)

  13. Actually its not tru that the tap is not used anymore.......... i was in a beer fair last august and the naked sexy lady was still on display. They looked pretty happy about her also...!!!!
    So I'm really not sure about their last statement. Something must be wrong if they say it has been withdrawn. it really isn't
    here I found a pic on their FB page
    so much for honesty from a company :((

  14. but what did You aspect from a brewery whose last beer is called SCROTUM?

  15. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10201911532084719&set=a.1570460776222.2076616.1076557513&type=1&relevant_count=1