Sunday, 3 May 2009

As it should be

Down by the river in one of my two locals and we’re talking about what people drink. Herbie likes his Carlsberg and Rick is on the Addlestone’s (as are various WAGs) — lager makes me feel gassy and real ale gives me a head says Rick, while the prospect of a forthcoming beer festival in the pub we are drinking in and featuring the likes of East Street Cream and Orkney Dark gets Herbie saying it will be wasted on him. I’m on Otter Ale, then draught Budvar and feel like a wine snob (though the prospect of a beer festival where I can drink ESC and Ork Dark 400 metres from my door excites me no end) — we’re all having a good time, as are quite a few people around us. Thoughts about beer wars, campaigns, cask ale weeks, god knows how many beers you have to drink before you keel over and whatever are off on in the ether — we’re just enjoying good pub time. As it should be.

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