Wednesday 6 May 2009

Women get it

Do you want another drink, I’m asked. Just a half I say, which provokes groans from the men around the table. You can’t have a half says one. I can I say and a half of draught Budvar is duly delivered. The men still grimace, but their wives like the look of the glass and ask what the problem is. The glass is elegant and shapely and the half of Budvar glistens in the sunshine. A bit of elementary beer education, which shows that when it comes to beer glassware women seem to get it more than men.


  1. Obviously you’re a strong character that women respond to and not a total man’s man for which I applaud you. Whilst my thesis on the 'Workings of the Female Mind' is still a work in progress, I suspect the women there warmed to the feminine side you portrayed. They’re so much more understanding of the finer things in life.

  2. Argh. I have several mates who just will not buy me a half -- they bring back a pint "by mistake". Very annoying, especially the next day when I'm feeling queasy at my desk and trying to look professional. I admit it: I'm a lightweight.