Sunday 31 May 2009

Mild Mail

Even though the idiosyncratic approach of the Daily Mail to daily life is rather off-putting, one cannot but applaud the approach of the Mail on Sunday’s Live Magazine to beer: today there’s a quarter page on mild to celebrate the month of Mild (once again May as the month of mild seems to me to be equally idiosyncratic but there you go). Given the constant gnashing of teeth over here in the UK about the coverage of beer, especially in the left-leaning qualities (Guardian, Indie, er that’s it), it seems that the Devil has the best — beery — tunes at the moment.


  1. There's also the weekly pub column in the Daily Telegraph on Saturdays which I'm not aware is matched by any of the other quality papers, and almost always features places with a strong real ale offering.

  2. The Times seems to be running one now as well.